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Re: Star Trek: Destiny Book 1: Gods of Night - (SPOILERS)

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If you want to do space science in the Federation, there's probably no better place to do it than the Enterprise. To all indications, Starfleet is the most advanced research facility in the UFP.
Maybe. I'd argue that Titan is probably the best place to explore strange new worlds - but I suspect there is plenty of high science going on even close to earth.

Christopher wrote: View Post
Besides, it's not just her. She could presumably have her family aboard the Enterprise if she wanted. But her husband refuses to leave his job at the university and go into space with her. You ask why she doesn't make the sacrifice for the sake of family unity -- but you should also ask why he doesn't.
You're right - and I did ask this question in one of my previous posts. Perhaps he should have. Perhaps more of a compromise should have been reached. Again, this actually comes across to me as MORE of a marriage problem (and I don't buy the 'her career came before her marriage or kids' - well then perhaps she should have thought about that before she went and got married and HAD kids) and perhaps it should be looked at in future books of this series. I know I'm not content with the way it is being portrayed right now.

KRAD wrote: View Post
Have you read the S.C.E. series? If so, did you have the same problem with Captain Gold, who has had many many more kids during a long career in Starfleet? And, as Christopher pointed out, Vicenzo and the kids could've come onto the Big E, but Vicenzo didn't want to give up his career, either.
I haven't read S.C.E. - so, I'm afraid I can't comment, except to say, that I don't think I'd have been in favor of it there anymore than I am here. Christopher gave examples of other Trek characters 'devoted' to their work (Kirk and Spock were used) - but as I recall in all those cases, they weren't married and leaving behind kids. I'll be honest, as a dad, I find this idea crazy for anyone to contemplate who actually is a parent. You think your career defines you, you think lots of other things are important - and then you have kids and discover that they're not.

KRAD wrote: View Post
It is my considered opinion that if Miranda was a male character, nobody would even be commenting on "leaving the kids behind." And in fact nobody has ever said that about David Gold, who left his wife to raise a lot more children than Miranda Kadohata did her husband. But because she's a woman, it becomes an issue -- which, to be honest, is why I set up the character the way I did, to challenge the expectations. (She first appeared in Q & A, and the character was my creation.)
Nope, not true. I would quit my job tomorrow to stay home with my kids if I could. I spent many years in school and have a very nice career, and I'd give it all up to spend more time at home with them. I do have to work, but I'm also there every night, every morning, every weekend, and anytime they need me. So if thats the same choice that David Gold made (career over all else), I'd not like him for much the same reason as Miranda.

But hey, perhaps I'm the only one who thinks you should actually be with the person you married, and raise the kids you had together. And sometimes you've got to live with the consequences of those choices (one way or the other) and I applaud - I think it was you KRAD, but perhaps it was Christopher - whoever wrote the scenes where Miranda's five year old is angry at her for leaving. Very realistic. Now fast forward a few years to when she essentially feels like her parents were divorced. Or her siblings barely know their mother (heck, even at 5-years-old the daughter barely knows her) - what kind of a presence will Miranda be in their lives? These aren't just rhetorical questions - they're questions the character should be asking herself.

For what it's worth, I appreciate the feedback from both of you, and I hope that I'm in no way offending. I'm trying to provide insight into why I feel the way I do about this character, and perhaps in some small way that will effect future appearances by her.

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