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Re: Abrams: Trek Fans Will Be Happy With New Film

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I hope this isn't J.J.'s version of B&B's valentine to the fans.

Unless this has movie Scott Bakula, Jolene Blalock, or William Shatner in it, it will suck.
Look, we've all said it billions of times, but it's months until May. Let's just wait and see. BTW, Bakula ruined the franchise.
Bakula played a great version of Bush in Trek but I doubt he ruined the franchise.

... wait.

Lol, no seriously I did think he was good. Poor writing drug the franchise.

Sadly, ENT's best stuff came too late with the fourth season. THAT season was what ENT should've been like from the very beginning. IMO, it's a shame it never went further. At least we have the re-launch novels.
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