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Re: The Joker - What would you do now?

From everything I've seen and read, I just don't think Nolan is that kind of guy, I feel pretty confident we won't see the Joker again, I feel like Nolan would think it somehow disrespectful or not honoring Heath's memory to just recast Joker for the next movie. And I don't see Nolan as someone who's such a hardcore Batman fan that he just HAS to have Joker in the next film. I feel like, he'd be more "well, I had an idea for the Joker, but we're not doing that now... so we'll come up with a different story" and that will be that.

It's disappointing, but it also adds a little "meta" feeling to The Dark Knight, giving the movie extra weight, solidifying it as an iconic movie (and iconic Joker).
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