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Re: Your Top 10 Films of 2008

1) The Dark Knight
2) Be Kind Rewind
3) Wall-E
4) Tropic Thunder
5) Burn After Reading
6) Iron Man
7) The Bank Job
8) Quantum of Solace
9) Indiana Jones &tKotCS
10) The Duchess

Uhhh.....there are only another 3-4 2008 releases beyond these ten that I've seen, and even a couple of the ones I've listed were viewed on an airplane, in which case I wasn't really seeking the movie out. Most of the movies I've watched within the last year were on DVD, and more than a few years old. I don't watch that many current movies anymore.

I am interested in seeing "Let the Right One In" though. But I have no idea if/when that's ever going to make its way to Australia.
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