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Re: Public Transit Question

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Here in Omaha, it's $1.25 one way and 5 cents for a transfer. There's also a 30 day pass for 50 bucks.

We have no subway here, and the bus system is pretty much a joke. Some lines, such as the 4, only run once every three hours on the weekends, and if you have to get anywhere after 8 pm, you're screwed.
You think we'll get the streetcar line built downtown?
Oh, I'm sure. Fahey's all about his "legacy" and that's part of it. He's been trying to get it in for years, just like the new ballpark. He got one. He's doing everything he can to get the other.
Good. I hope we get that line built. We need it. Badly.

Now if only they could get going on the Omaha-Lincoln rail link...that sucker could pay for itself within a year, just on Husker football traffic.
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