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NYC subway is $2 a ride, I don't know the buses, since I don't take them, but we have plenty of people on here that do, I think they're the same price.

But we also have tons of different Metro cards that have ways of saving you tons of money, Monthly passes, Day passes with unlimited rides, weekly passes, all that good stuff.

When I buy my metro cards, at about $50 a pop they have like 4 extra uses on them to give you a bonus for buying the big one. The $20 card has like 2 extra uses on them.
The buses are the same cost as the train, except for special express buses, which I think are $3.50, but I never take those. I do take the bus twice a week when I work in Brooklyn. I usually buy a 7 day unlimited card, which covers buses and subway, for $25.
Unfortunately the MTA is severely in debt and are considering yet another fair hike. When I moved to NYC about 8 years ago a 7 day unlimited pas was $17 (now $25), and a single ride was $1.50 (now $2.00). The MTA is not only considering a $.50 fair hike, but also cutting bus lines completely, like the M8 (Manhattan 8th St. crosstown), decreasing the frequency of trains at night, cutting staff in subway station booths, and amost doubling the cost of Access-a-Ride, the public transport system for disabled people who cannot use the subway.
The situation is awful. Despite the obvious concerns of working class people and the disabled over the price, there is the added concern for women: that due to the unstaffed booths and decreased frequency of trains, they will be left alone too long at night. A few years ago I had a frightening experience in a train station when I was coming home from a late shift at work. Several young men began harrassing me on the platform as I tried to exit the station, and refused to let me leave. Fortunately, the MTA attendant in the booth was able to keep me company and notify the police. If he hadn't been there I'm not sure what would've happened; the idea of unstaffed stations is frightening.

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