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Re: Public Transit Question

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Now I live in LA and there are no subways. Buses are 1.25 if I remember correctly. Public transportation is great!
We have subways here in LA. They're just extremely limited in their service area. They don't service the west side, South Bay or most of the San Fernando Valley.

You can go to and from there download comprehensive maps of their bus and subway/light rail systems. For Example:

And yeah, LA metro buses are $1.25 each ride (no transfers) and up to $4.00 a ride for the express buses. Some the cities immediately outside of LA have their own transit systems with their own prices. The Culver City bus, for instance, is only $0.75 per ride and that includes one way transfers. It's also the oldest public transit system in continous operation in California.

There's also the Dash bus, run by LADOT. Those rides are a mere $0.25 per ride! Their routes are a bit limited and convoluted, though. However, if I'm willing to walk a bit, I can get to work and back on $0.50/day by taking that bus.

Monthly passes for the LA Metro are currently $62 per month (unlimited use), and from there you can add on zone and express priviledges for additional fees. Unfortunately, there is no real cooperation with LA's public transit and the Metrolink system that serves a big chunk of greater SoCal.
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