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UFP prison series? Yes? No? Maybe? Not sure?

In the tradition & writing-patterns of The Shawshank Redemption, Oz, Prisoner:Cell Block H, The Green Mile &/or Escape From Alcatraz, among others.

The UFP prison could be a space station, or on an asteroid or some planet or moon.

While I don't like alien 3's story,at all, I like that its a rarity in presenting a futuristic prison in outer space. That aspect or characteristic is 1 of a3's highlights. The other(s) being the movie's appearance & looks, setting.

So, alien 3 would be sort of the “parent” of this UFP incarceration series I'm picturing.

Who would the Warden be? The COs & inmates? Where in the UFP would the prison be?

I imagine Salome Jens' Femme-Odo would be an inmate, wearing an inhibitor, to keep her from changing form & escaping. Rasmussen would be another inmate. The other prisoners should be- ?????

When thinking of this idea I'd always imagine this prison's 24th Century “Schillinger” bringing ”mail” to inmates & when he gets to the Femme-Odo's cell he says to her what Oz's Schillinger said to Keller in 1 very memorable Oz episode:

“Nothing for YOU today foundress! No flower bouquets, no get well cards, NOTHING!”

I'd imagine, for some reason, Femme-Odo becoming best friends with this prison's 24th Century “Ribodeaux”. Did I get his name right? The old guy veteran inmate on Oz who was there for like 40 years.

This veteran inmate would also be this prison's equivalent of James Whitmore's character in Shawshank.

This could be done in regular series style, or a limited-episode series, or in COLUMBO style, 3-4 TV movies a year.

Another option would be to “anthologize” it. Show UFP prison life in the 2160`s/70`s, then in Kirk's time, then the UFP prison already alluded to, in the TNG/DS9/V'GER Era.

Personally I'd go with said series being in limited-episode {6-8} or COLUMBO style. And I'd show each era of Trek's prisons & what they're like.

Maybe season 1 would be Archer's time {after the NX-01 came home & Fed established}, season 2 Kirk's period, & season 3 Picard/Sisko/Janeway's era.

Your opinion(s)>

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