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Re: The ENTERPRISE picture thread

Seriously, kids, NO HOTLINKING. Review your TrekBBS Rules:

...You should only include inline images from web space that you own, or with the permission from the web master on which the image is located to avoid what results in costly bandwidth theft to the originating site owner. Instead, please post a link to the image.
Or save the image you like to your hard drive, then upload it to the image hosting site of your choice (photobucket, imageshack, etc), then post your own inline image when you want to use it. Easy as cake. Okay?

Really, don't make me come over there.

Now--on to more pleasant things! HDNet began airing the Vulcan arc today. Mindmelds! Surak! Pick-up basketball! Soval! Shran!

Those NX-01 caps turn up in Season 4...a little worse for wear.

An adorable shot of Linda during a rehearsal of the pickup game.

Goofing on the set.

Syrran...mysterious, intimidating...

...or maybe not so much.

And there's T'Pol in white.
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