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Re: Best tactician? Kirk,Picard, Sisko or Janeway?

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Star Trek isn't the most tactical universe. It's a lot of "Attack Pattern Omega"s and what not. The closest I can come up with for interesting tactics is Kirk's 3 dimentional thinking in the Mutara Nebula and Janeway's seeming knowledge of her own plot immunity.
Your comment of "Attack Pattern Omega" reminded me that in "Nemesis" Riker calls for the evasive pattern "Pattern Kirk Epsilon" so Kirk has at least one maneuver named after him but Riker has two because in "BOBW" he uses "Pattern Riker alpha" and "Pattern Riker beta".

Here's a list of all of them:
"Yeah" - Dredd's (Karl Urban) response to Mama's threat after throwing her down 200 levels...............
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