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Re: Public Transit Question

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NYC subway is $2 a ride, I don't know the buses, since I don't take them, but we have plenty of people on here that do, I think they're the same price.

But we also have tons of different Metro cards that have ways of saving you tons of money, Monthly passes, Day passes with unlimited rides, weekly passes, all that good stuff.

When I buy my metro cards, at about $50 a pop they have like 4 extra uses on them to give you a bonus for buying the big one. The $20 card has like 2 extra uses on them.
Oh man do I miss the E train! I took an E almost everyday for like 10 years when I worked in the City. Sometimes I would get an express A which would take me to Canal st, but mostly I liked the E. It was dirty and stinky and full of masturbating bums, but it felt like home

Now I live in LA and there are no subways. Buses are 1.25 if I remember correctly. Public transportation is great!
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