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Public Transit Question

As I read about the new fee increases that my local bus service is planning, I wonder what bus fares around the country (and around the world) are like. How much does it cost for public transit in your area?

The bus system that I ride to work every day costs $1.50 for general fare, $.75 for students (high school and below) and $.60 for seniors. Because I am a student at a local university I can ride for free.

The proposed increases would raise the general fare to $2.00 and my once free ride to $1.00. I would drive to work (it's only about 15 minutes away) but the parking in downtown Sacramento is just about as bad as you can imagine, and very expensive. But now that the bus will cost up to $60 a month for me (a trip each way every day) I don't know how I can afford to get to work at all.

The other bus system is $2.25 for general fare and $1.10 for students and seniors. I can still ride that one for free with my university pass. Unfortunately this bus is mostly useless to me because it doesn't run in the right directions.

When I used to ride BART from the East Bay into San Francisco it would cost about $11 for a roundtrip. The trip is about an hour each way I believe. But I feel that the fare was reasonable because it would have cost more in gas and parking to drive there yourself. Either way takes the same amount of time.

In one of the cities that I grew up in we had "Dimes a Ride" buses that looked like old trolleys and only cost two dimes. Of course there was nowhere really worth going because it was a boring little town in the middle of nowhere.

So what are your local fares like?
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