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Re: Deck Plans VI: The Undiscovered Bowling Alley


> (Still haven't settled on a class name for the
> AMT model...any ideas?)

In part its a philosopical question. Assuming for the moment that you believe that the Constellation (as originally depicted) is a somewhat different vessel than the Constitution class, the next question is whether you put stock in 1017 being a construction contract registry (indicating an older vessel) or simply an issue of paper work (ID code, etc., something that can be changed).

Assuming that 1017 indicates construction contract number for a much older, now refitted vessel, the next philosopical question becomes whether NCC numbers for a class are generally contigious (per Franz Joseph) or whether they are more or less randomly distributed but gradually increasing over time (like TNG).

Assuming that NCC numbers more or less should be similar within a given class that can help narrow down the time period. Using canon sources, one is now at a dead end, because other than the earlier Jein provided numbers for other Constitution classes there isn't anything to go on. Beyond that there are only Paramount approved materials produced by third parties or fan-created designs. If either of those last two options are of interest to you in solving this problem I might be able to help, as I have given it some thought and ultimately have to answer the question for myself at some point. The alternative is to just make it up out of whole cloth.

I'll leave you to ponder these issues and let us know where you stand philosphically. I'll try to pop back up in a couple of days and see which of these paths you think is worthwhile.


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