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Re: ALIENS/STAR TREK crossover story in the works. Coming soon, hopefu

Thanks HyperionReborn for your interest & support.

You should still put up an ALIENS/STAR TREK crossover story if you want to. It would be cool to have 2 (or more) fanfix authors, with stories about xenomorphs meeting ST folks.

The more fanfix crossovers the better. Well, maybe?? That depends on whether someone likes crossover stories or not.

I always thought ALIENS could crossover really well with STAR TREK or BABYLON 5, & even, very recently, & this is a strange one, Irwin Allen's LAND OF THE GIANTS. There are other Sci-Fi TV shows & movies unnamed here that could or might blend well with ALIENS as well.

Thank you again HyperionReborn.

And thanks to ALL my other fellow aficionados of both ALIEN(s) & STAR TREK.

I hope to please everyone.
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