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Re: If You Could Re-Imagine the Constitution-Class Refit...

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My source is a discussion on, where a poster passed on the answer he'd gotten when he asked someone at Round 2 about it.

On a side note, Round 2 has the absolutely best customer service response I've ever seen, in any industry.
So third-hand information at best. Certainly not a reliable source.
No, FIRST hand source (a person at Round 2).
According to CRA, it was a person who heard from someone at Round 2 then posted it on hobbytalk. Second-hand information from that poster, which was then relayed by CRA here making it third-hand.

The information has been passed on and on, so that it's appearance here by CRA is third-hand at best like a game of telephone.

There is no original source, no link to this post and no official statement from Round 2. Posting on a board does not make information legit unless that post comes straight from the source, in this case, an employee at Round 2. That it was posted by someone who happened to ask a question of someone (how do we know if he really did) then the information is hearsay and not a viable source of information.
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