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If this had been the property of another country -- Japan, England, Russia, etc. -- and they globalized the concept for a movie, there would be a lot of people going stark raving mad about the change ruining the purity and integrity of the project.
That happens all the time. Japanese and British media products are remade with American actors, in an American setting, in order to play to domestic audiences. This is an American concept that been globalized to play internationally. It is a broadening of the concept, and as such a good thing.

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This isnt exactly the same though. one of the critical aspects of GI Joe is that it is an elite American strike force. That's why it was known as GI Joe Real American Heroes. Its not like The Office where you simply have a show about office workers. Whether they were american or not did not play a role in the concept behind the show. As mentioned up thread, its more like making the the last samurai in The Last Samurai a white dude from America. Yeah, you can do it but it doesnt mean its a good idea.
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