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Re: Tomb Raider: Underworld

"Prior to the game's release, Eidos attempted to prevent any reviews rating the game at less than 8 out of 10 from appearing, with an Eidos spokesman stating "[t]he brand manager in the US that's handling all of Tomb Raider has asked that we just manage the scores before the game is out, really, just to ensure that we don't put people off buying the game, basically."

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I wanted to give the game a shot but poor reviews plus news that the publishers were trying to black mail reviewers into giving it good reviews turned me off of it.
Did you try the demo? It gives you a good impression of the game, I think. It's a shame Eidos did what it did since I feel this is a game that doesn't need such tactics.

As for the reviews, well, depending on the source they're between mixed and favorable (see the above Wikipedia link). Metacritic has 75 out of 100 for reviews which IMHO is pretty good, while users aren't so lenient (6.2 out of 10). That's for the 360 version btw.
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