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Re: "John Carter of Mars" Moving Ahead!

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I'm just thrilled that the Sky Captain guy is no longer involved with this project. That was a truly horrible movie and a well-deserved flop.
I give those folks credit for trying, though. It was a good effort that just fell a bit short, perhaps. Would like to see them try again.
I agree with you that the concept was great, and visually some portions of the movie were breathtaking. But virtually everything else failed, IMO - the story was terrible, the pacing was awful, the acting was bizarrely wooden and strange.

They also greatly miscalculated the public's interest in seeing this type of retro-sci-fi style film. They thought it was going to be a huge blockbuster when in fact it's only real audience were hardcore sci-fi fans with an appreciation for early pulp stories from the 1930s and '40s. Which is why I doubt we'll see this style of movie again any time soon (which is a shame, because I would love to see this type of approach on a Lensman movie series.)
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