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While I am in agreement over GI Joe being an American team if you want to stay most "pure" to the cartoon,
Not just the cartoon. I was more a fan of the comic myself, but even the comic was titled "GIJOE: A Real American Hero!" and the writer adhered strictly to that.

think of the political reality of today. Thanks to various factors (be it media, the government, take your pick) the US armed forces are not viewed very positively in many parts of the world nowadays. If you start going on and on about an "American" military force, it doesn't have the same marketability as an "international" force.
Maybe, but the strategic reality today is the same as it has been since the turn of the last century: that the ones whining the loudest about America's military are usually the same ones who beg for its help every twenty years or so. Under those circumstances, I don't care if an all-american GIJOE is unmarketable in Belgium. Let Belgium get it's own special mission force. (A Real Belgian Hero!) Let Russia make an Oktober Guard movie. Better yet, if the force has to be international or our distinguished allies won't bite, there's a perfectly good alternative. Make a Rainbow Six movie! GIJOE is not Rainbow!

I'm just glad that it's being primarily led by Americans, keeping some of that core concept intact.
Which is one reason why I'm not completely abandoning it.
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