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Re: Re-imagining Dark Shadows

Another Dark Shadows fan here. Even bought the whole thing on DVD - which was EXTREMELY expensive, BTW, because of the way they released/priced it.

By far my most expensive DVD investment.

I am also a HUGE Johnny Depp fan. But honestly, I don't see Johnny Depp as Barnabas Collins. He's WAY too pretty. And WAY too young.

In truth, I think the best person for the job of Barnabas Collins, at this point, would lead to a perfect 'hook' for fans of the original: David Selby!

He's about the same age now as Jonathan Fried was back in the 60's...and lord knows, David Selby knows the story and has detailed personal experience with the feel of the show. And with what? 8 or 9 seasons of Falcon Crest under his belt in addition to the time he spent as Quentin Collins on the original DS, he knows how to do soaps!
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