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Re: Cawley Snags Buck Rogers Web Series

I may not like Phase II, but I wish them nothing but the best of luck with this.

jptrekker wrote: View Post
^^ In all likelyhood, redshirt #3, it's just a walk-on, doubtful if he had any lines
Assuming it wasn't left on the cutting room floor.

svengoolieweb wrote: View Post
Actually, I could see Bobby Rice playing Buck. Hes young, fit, et cetera. Just as long as it doesn't slow down production of Phase 2. If it will, in any way whatsoever, we don't really need Buck.
Well, I know what he says in the article, but I think the reality will settle in fast enough that one of the other will have to suffer, and Phase II will be the one that'll have to suffer for the series that they have a contractual agreement to.
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