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Re: "John Carter of Mars" Moving Ahead!

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Really looking forward to this.

Lasseter already stated that Pixar won't be handling the VFX, since they have no intention of becoming a VFX house and there are other studios that do that better. I agree personally, VFX is pretty different from animation.
I agree with that last statement, but even animated films separate "animation" from "visual effects" (basically, as stated in the excellent extras of Disney's Atlantis, "visual effects are everything that moves that isn't a character").

I suppose I could see Pixar not doing explosions and digital sets and scenes, but I hope someone at least of their caliber is responsible for Tars Tarkas, and the banths, and thoats, and white apes, and plant men ... there are a ton of non-human characters in the Barsoom novels. That's been my main concern with any live-action or CGI attempt - a totally CGI version would probably fall prey to the Uncanny Valley (which kinda sounds like one of the places on Barsoom! ) if they tried to do John Carter and the Red Men realistically - it doesn't need to look like Polar Express or Beowulf. OTOH, a live-action version could look like the LotR films - I wasn't impressed by Gollum or any of WETA's digital creatures (the lighting was never right, to my eyes; however, I do think they did a bang-up job on King Kong, the character). I've thought the best way to present John Carter and Barsoom was as a more traditional animated film, but using 3D and CGI as much as possible in creating depth and realism of movement to cel animation. I still do; I know I'm in a very tiny minority (maybe of 1 ), but Stanton's involvement says, to me, that someone who cares about both story and about visuals is in there where it counts, so I'm hopeful.

Of course, I'm sure the nudity is out, but after decades of book covers and paintings with tastefully-covered women, our collective vision of Barsoom can accept that particular change to the novels . As long as Dejah Thoris has those proportions that Frazetta gave her ...
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