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Re: The ENTERPRISE picture thread

Yeah has been a while since we had an Enterprise picture thread. That pic with Riker and Troi at the table, what's HE DOING WITH HIS HAND!!! LOL

Riker :"Well you see Deanna, my balls itch when I sit here too long, so don't mind me..."
Troi : "Uuuughh... you do know Crusher has something to take care of that. Its called Gold bond. Been around for hundreds of years. Try it sometime."

Ever notice that Riker nearly always sits open legged or props his leg up on some poor crewmember's console or stool? Like geez man you got 'rot' down there or something?

Just noticed something, they stopped wearing those ball caps in Season 3 didn't they? I didn't see anyone wearing those caps anymore.
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