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Re: Hayden class scout


I thought I'd show you guys some of the updates as well. I was busy making the Hayden fit for a nice pic when I came across a grave error: the shuttlebay doors were too small to let the shuttle pass. The entrance itself was big enough, but there wasn't enough space for the doors to slide away. So, I went with another route: doors that slide into the ceiling. It fits, barely, but it works pretty good It also gave me a chance of finishing up the interior. It isn't done yet, but I'm coming pretty close! If any of you spot anything that's still wrong or just missing, please tell me! The shuttlebay is a-symetrical: left there's room for a single workbee, right is the location of the elevator to the top level; there's no entrance at the lower level as Main Engineering is situated directly behind it. There's this thick ole wall in between though, so no worries about crashing shuttles that make the ship go boom

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