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I think it was the second season here in Canada, the song was changed to "International Hero".
Yeah, that was the start of the end for the name. "G.I. Joe" is a 100% American term referring 100% to American troops. A British trooper is not a G.I. Joe. An Austrian trooper is not a G.I. Joe. A Pakistani trooper is not a G.I. Joe. Hell, even a Canadian trooper isn't a G.I. Joe.

Trying to make it global rather than keeping it American is going to have the exact opposite effect of what they want. Do you think all those people around the world who hate Americans are suddenly going to like having their countrymen called a G.I. Joes? A direct and long-standing synonym for an American? Especially those who hate Americans because they try to push their values and policies on everyone around the world?

It's ten times worse than having the Last Samurai being Tom Cruise for crying out loud.
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