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Re: The Kelvin's uniforms

As for the registry number. I'm really not sure what the fuss is. I see them as ID numbers, am I far off with that? Well your social security number (or whatever the equivalent is outside the US, I really don't know.) is your own personal ID. You might be asking what I'm getting at by making that comparison. Well here it is, one of my friend's social starts with 001.

Speaking of 001, if there was a problem with 0 being before the higher numbers, why is earth in Sector 001 as has been on screen many times. Wouldn't it be in Sector 1?

That and Enterprise... I know, ALOT of people don't like enterprise, but it still sets a precedent for the 0 registry, NX-01, not NX-1. So yeah... I personally don't see a problem.
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