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ALIEN:1st Lifecycle>How many eggs could be made from one Space Jockey?

I mean the xenomorph's Original Lifecycle. I had to use 1st Lifecycle due to the lack of grammatic real estate in the title bar above.

Being the Space Jockeys are so much bigger than humans & the OL xenomorphs appear to make 1 egg from 1 human being cocooned I figured a captured & cocooned Space Jockey would produce 3, maybe 4 eggs.

In the context of the original idea being the Derelict's crew were turned into eggs it makes sense that 1 SJ could be turned into 3,4 maybe 5 eggs yes? Plus this would explain the great abundance of xenomorph eggs in the Derelict's basement/cargo hold.

A rather horrific scenario may have happened if what I suspect here turned out to be true.

Picture this:

An SJ is captured & cocooned by an ALIEN. This SJ's legs are turned into an egg, yet somehow the SJ doesn't die & her/his upper half are still alive & functioning due to the way the egg-producing process works. Maybe similar to how the facehugger keeps the host alive????

This SJ is still alive & conscious, his/her legs gone, now an ALIEN egg (or 2). You'd see this SJ cocooned, & in agony no doubt. Unless the SJ's endorphins kicked in bigtime. Or alternatively, ALIEN secreted endorphin-like chemicals were injected into the SJ's body enabling & “forcing” the SJ's “co-operation”.

It's legs are now an egg & the egg's tendrils are connected to the SJ's upper torso & the ground.

Then this SJ sees the egg open/hatch & she/he gets facehugged by the facehugger the SJ's own body provided the nutrients & energy for. Later a chestburster explodes from her/his chest.

I'd LOVE to illustrate this scene in classic H.R. Giger style. If & when I do I'll put the drawing(s) up here & in other forums.

What do YOU think of my basic idea here regarding multiple eggs from 1 SJ in the context of the Original Lifecycle?
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