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Re: Eureka - Season 1

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^Not at all. As I said, I started watching with Season 3, which seems kinda "duller" than this first season has been.

The ONE time I've liked Stark so far was in the episode "House Rules" where he gets it from Henry for squandering his genius in management. I liked his response, that his presence in a position like that was what allowed all the other geniuses in Eureka to pursue their theories and projects so freely. For ONCE I found Stark relatable. I'm kind of interested now to see where Season 2 takes him, because what little I saw of him in Season 3 had me scratching my head - "WHY is Allison marrying this walking monolith?"

Taggart is growing on me ... slightly. I still think his attempt at an Australian accent is HORRID and makes him virtually unintelligible. The character is turning out to be more quirky fun than I initially thought him to be. I just wish they'd made him American instead of a Steve Irwin clone. I have nothing against Aussies - I just find his approximation of the accent unbearable.

How can anyone hate Fargo! He's adorable!

Funny how the ads kinda blew by me, even the Degree ones. I can understand why they're annoying to a lot of people, but they haven't really bugged me yet.
I completely agree with you about Stark's moment in "House Rules". That scene really struck a cord with me too. Near the end of season two he shows deep compassion for Allison & her son. I think once you see those moments, you might understand what brought the both of them together because you're already seeing what drove them apart.

Fargo is such a loser, he is adorable. I loved him in "Purple Haze".

BTW, what is Vincent a genius of? Is he a culinary arts guru?
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