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Re: Dark Avengers - Your thoughts

Well what I really think made a '90s comic' was the fact that yeah some of the writing was crap, some of the art was pure turd and even some of the ones people loooved to see, they had some really bad stuff out - I'm talkin' to YOU Mr. Mike Deodato Studios! LOL I mean some of his stuff wasn't bad, but nearly EVERY guy he drew looked like the Hulk and every woman looked like a porn star. Not bad things, but hell he even drew Jubilee nearly naked and that just ain't right.

But what I guess I'm tryin' to get at is... in the 90s you had far more stand alone stories, what happened in X-Men would maaaaybe get a mention in Spider-Man or Avengers, but now you've got soooo many crossed stories. Dark Reign oka - we've got a Spider-Man character, an X-Men, an Avengers, a Fantastic Four its as if ever 'family' is now merged in. Why didn't they just throw in Dan Ketch or John Blaze to bring in the Ghost Rider family as well?

I really hope that the next storyline that comes after this redeems our heroes and brings things to center. Fine, have a sorta 'outcast' feel to some of the mutants, maybe even re-power them again, Wanda's still alive right? I'd love to see her back on the side of angels.
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