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Re: Eureka - Season 1

Honestly, this is the first role outside of Max Headroom that Matt Frewer played that didn't annoy the hell out of me.

I think Stark is supposed to be dull. His personality is geared more toward business than it is toward social interaction. If you notice, he even seems annoyed by other geniuses. He has a personality of young Victor Von Doom, where power is his main focused goal and he looks down upon others because he believes he has no equal.

Beverly and her exit is a bit of a disappointment but I let you judge for yourself.

Henry's personality change in season 2 is understandable, considering he's lost the love of his life 3x within the show. Loosing someone once is bad enough, 3x and I'm surprised he didn't buy a gun. He was under more grief than anyone should have to handle.

Sakrysta, I'm glad you're enjoying the show so far and I hope none of our opinions taint you views of it going forward. I'm still find it a very entertaining show.
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