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Re: TF Soundwave: Hasbro's made him a GUITARgetmaster.

Thanks everyone for your feedback so far. I have a confession too:

When I originally posted this topic up I'd seen really only 1 full TF:A episode.

Check out my other TF:A thread entitled

Transformers:Animated- Was JAY LENO these TFs creator?

to get updated info concerning how attitudes {mine anyway} can change {mines still changing,in flux} regarding TF:A.

The only BW episode I saw, on YouTube about a month ago, was the 1 with G1 Starscream's ghost possessing Waspinator. That was awesome. I plan to watch more, maybe all BW & BM episodes.

I initially, originally had a similar reaction to billcosby's re:BW TFs.

Since I've become open to BW & BM. Folks should remember G1 TFs weren't all vehicles. G1 had its fair share of animal & beast moded TFs.

BW TFs were beautiful detailed interesting toys: Polar Claw, Dinobot come to mind. BW Scorponok was cool & his bee drone should've been called Zarak.

Like today & anytime, back in the mid to late 90's I'd ALWAYS check out TFs in a store which sold them.

I remember looking at those BW TF boxes in Toys R Us in August 1996.

My Jay Leno TF thread was on page 2 of SFF topics last I checked,

More TF:A “review” info on that thread.
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