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Re: Eureka - Season 1

^^Ohh, yeah, the Degree ads were beyond obnoxious. They've actually had in-show product placement from the start, but in the first two seasons it was comparatively subtle, the Cisco Systems logos showing up on their videophone screens all the time. That was a product placement that actually made sense in context and so it didn't overwhelm the stories. But working a deodorant into the stories made no sense. And the most offensive part was the episode where Zane's "experimental" super-deodorant functioned like it was shown in the commercials and protected him and Carter from the heat of the miniature sun. It was so obvious that that whole episode was dictated by the makers of Degree to serve as an hourlong commercial for their product. And it was doubly stupid because antiperspirants do not work that way! They don't protect you from heat, they interact with perspiration to turn it into a gel that blocks your sweat glands.
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