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Re: Star Trek: Sigils and Unions--The Thirteenth Order

A terrific start to your combat sequence. Right from the first, the plan is falling apart, as it seems all plans must at some point. Sorebec was unable to prevent her lecherous superior form seeing the disruption in the surveillance grid, and paid for that omission with her life. One can only hope the others in the Thirteenth Order can adapt and overcome.

And you bring up a good point about the Cardassian people and the losses they’ve suffered as a result of their governments prolonged campaigns of expansion. A long series of border skirmishes with the Federation lasting decades, the costly Occupation of Bajor, followed by the Klingon invasion of their territory, followed again by the death and destruction of the Dominion War and then the near-genocidal reprisals of the Dominion at the end of that conflict.

Cardassian society must be like some of those Western European nations following WWI, where an entire generation had been obliterated.

Once again, phenomenal work, and I'm eagerly awaiting more.
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