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Re: Jan. Challenge--Exits in the Haze (PG-13)

Mistral wrote: View Post
Excellent as always. Beautiful wordcraft.
SLWatson wrote: View Post
Top rate work in a compelling alternate universe!
Thanks for reading, guys!

trampledamage wrote: View Post
Wonderful story - I'll have to come back and listen to the song, it's not one I know but I don't like to listen to music I don't know while I'm reading something - I like to concentrate on the music.
Thank you! And no problem...I do hope you'll like the song, and find it fitting.

I'm a complete sap for any story that involves babies being loved as Dukat loves Ziyal so you had me hooked from the start - but it's also a very well-written story, the intrusion of the madness is very well written and the appearance of the followers of the "wormhole" Prophets was a real surprise to me.
I'm glad you liked it!

Kinda makes you wish the canon-universe Dukat could've been a nobler guy, doesn't it? But that's the tragedy AU Dukat identified during his battle: our Dukat (and presumably a lot of others) chose against the better angels of his nature. He CHOSE. I tried to take the good traits I saw in the canon-universe Dukat and bring them into a truer form in this one. Just the same...this one DOES still have the same bad traits--he just doesn't give them free rein (think of the cockiness he remembers from before his capture, and the way he repeatedly smarts off even in chains...that is, before the torture really starts).

The madness scene and all the horror that takes place in it...I am glad to know you found it well-written. I have never, and I mean NEVER written anything like that ever since I started writing, and it was a huge risk. I am glad to know that worked.

The believers in the canon-universe Prophets...I figured they'd be there somewhere. The name of one of them is a first name given in the DS9 relaunch that I chose to use. The other...well, I'm not sure if anybody's going to figure out what the deal is with her!

PS Don't forget to add a link to the challenge thread!
Wow. My own challenge and I forgot.

Thanks for the reminder!
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