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Re: Dark Avengers - Your thoughts

Sure there was a lot of filler, but at least there was a lot of good stuff that was just fun and even if they did a major 'dark' change, they were able to counterbalance it a bit later. Like after X-Cutioner's song, they had a rather nice, light, if odd story in Uncanny with Jubilee and Prof X... rollerblading. It was odd, but in a way, it was a good refresher after a dark, serious story. And that's really what they need to do, balance the dark with some light. Enough depressing shit now. I mean, I READ comics to avoid watching all kinds of depressing stuff on tv. I want to escape to a world of super heroes. Guys and gals in spandex kicking some ass and doing some weird cosmic stuff. There has been a serious lack of the 'cosmic' lately
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