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Re: X-Files Chronology

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Millennium doesn't really treat itself as a spin-off. As long as you see the Jose Chung episode in Millennium (second season) after the X-Files episode with Jose Chung, and finish the three seasons of Millennium before you see the X-Files episode "Millennium" (seventh season), you'll be all right.

The Lone Gunmen takes place at the same time as the eighth season of the X-Files, but, tonally, it's so different from the X-Files that I would watch season eight of the X-Files, and then watch the Lone Gunmen. Watching season nine after that will allow you to enjoy it as the both the final season of the X-Files and as a show with more than a few references to the short-lived Lone Gunmen series.
Thanks for the response! I didn't realize there were two Jose Chung episodes so I'll make sure to watch the X-Files one first.
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