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Re: TF Soundwave: Hasbro's made him a GUITARgetmaster.

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Finally, you may find Beast Wars and Beast Machines somewhat unfulfilling. I certainly do. Many refer to that era of Transformers as a "dark time", but necessary so the series could return much improved.
If you consider "Beast Wars" and "Beast Machines" unfulfilling, then "Animated" won't be up to your speed either (unless your whole beef with the "Beast" series was the use of animals). The three shows share a lot of features including a story arc that runs throughout seasons, a (relative to G1) small cast, focus on an untested commander (in BW's case, Primal, here Optimus Prime) vs. a scheming enemy (Megatron in both cases) and G1 references (which "Animated" has in spades).

I enjoy "Animated" and consider its writing a lot tighter than the mess that we got with the Armada trilogy. Hurray for TF shows being written in the US again!
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