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Re: Dark Avengers - Your thoughts


I didn't realize how many people reviled the 90's. I really got into buying comics in the 90s. I loved a lot of what was going on in DC at that time-Death of Superman, Knightfall, Artemis as the New Wonder Woman, Emerald Twilight. I also liked some of the Blue Beetle/Booster Gold JLA stories. Kingdom Come, which I thought was overrated, was an almost universally praised story of that period, so it couldn't have been all bad.

On the Marvel side there was Mutant Empire, Age of Apocalypse, the Clone Saga (which I enjoyed for the most part and far better than Brand New Day), Christopher Priest's run on Black Panther (which I've read reactively). I really liked X-Force back in the day too.

Even Spawn was cool back then. I can't really say the stories were all that good, but they definitely had style.

I guess it's hard to compare the two decades. I stopped buying comics for a long time in the late 90s and just got back into it. Now I'm reading more diverse works-a lot more smaller stuff. However, in comparing Spider-Man, Batman, and Superman comics that I read in the 90s to those today, I liked the 90's stuff, with the exception of the New Krypton arc. Batman RIP looks like it's going to be a variation of Knightfall. I think WW's about to be replaced again, so a lot of this stuff is retreading the 90's it seems.

Today I'm enjoying Captain America, Daredevil looks good (but I don't have a lot of money to get invested in another book), Ennis's run on Punisher at Marvel. I'm also reading Black Panther, Iron Man, New Warriors, just getting into New Avengers, the Blue Marvel miniseries, Moon Knight, War Machine, Elektra's miniseries (liked that too) and I check out Nova occassionally. But I don't really have a basis to compare many of those works since I didn't read them in the 90s. I just can't get into X-Men anymore-loved Wolverine: Enemy of the State though. It just seems way overcomplicated, though I recently read the Death of the Shi'ar Empire (got it from the library) and enjoyed it immensely. I thought Civil War was good for the most part, didn't care for Secret Invasion, though Dark Reign looks promising. I can't say there is that much of a difference in quality from the 90s to now at Marvel, though the 90s storylines seemed more fresh and consquential. I'm old enough now to understand the concept of the reset button.

Though I like the artwork and many of the new characters in Spider-Man's BND I just think the OMD concept was so stupid I just can't support the Spider-Man books anymore.

Same with DC. They were really shaking things up back in the 90s and it was interesting to see where they were going. Now, it appears they and Marvel are just going in circles.
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