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Re: Dark Avengers - Your thoughts

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As for the 90's--it wasn't the stories that were bad it was the gimmicks.
And the art, son. The art. There's some shitty stuff on the shelves now, but it's shitty in a different way. Drawing Namor like he's Prince of New Jersey is pretty crap for comic book art, but at least the anatomy and such are right. The average superhero book in the '90s looked like shit.

Of course, part of that was because the publishers were much more strict about scheduling. If the regular artist couldn't finish in time, they'd get someone else to bang out the rest of the issue.

These days, for whatever reason, they just wait for the artist to finish it up. I suspect that this is for the benefit of the trade paperbacks, instead of the monthlies.

I'll take Clone Saga and Maximum Carnage over the last year of BND Spidey any day.
No way in hell.

Give me the Infinity Gauntlet trio over Civil War.
I'll give you this one, though. Infinity Gauntlet gets extra points for being mostly self-contained.
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