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Re: Star Trek: Sigils and Unions--The Thirteenth Order

It doesn't sound very mutual to me, tho I read it after I read the comments...

Somebody’s awfully quiet today,” Gruner remarked in a cheery conversational tone that Sorabec knew was anything but. Why today, of all days, does Ragoç Gruner have to be early for his shift? “Give me a smile, Remegh…don’t be shy.”

Her supervisor was one of those who seemed to think women in the military outside the sciences were only there to fulfill some secret dream of bedding their male superiors—and certainly not in the context of wedlock where a proper Cardassian kept the sexual act. No, Gruner was one of those too blasted many who thought that because he could legally bear arms, his personal weapon was free to roam wherever it wanted. In his world, the rules didn’t apply to him.
The first paragraph clearly shows she has no affection for him, and also establishes he has a persistant habit of his unwanted, flirtatious behaviour. And his attitude is elaborated upon by his history, in the second quoted paragraph. The following paragraph proves its not a cultural thing- it is viewed negativly in Cardassian society (the unwelcome advances, and worse).

And I don't think the wording shows any... what would you call it? Kinky or masochistic or whatever desires:
The way he stroked his neck ridges every time he caught her eye bordered on the pornographic... Worse, he had a kănar-gut that bounced low enough to peek out from under his cuirass every time he took a step. The thought of looking up at Gruner from that position was enough to make Sorabec want to vomit.
"Worse" indicates "pornographic" isn't arousing or in any way positive.
And finally:
Quite unlike the man who now sought to attach himself to her like a giant, parasitic, spaceborne amoeba.
^ I don't find that sexy... LOL!!!

So just the pieces in bold, when you tie them to the ending... doesn't sound like she was "into it."

We will now return to the presentation in progress...
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