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Eureka - Season 1

A few days ago, Hulu posted the first season of Eureka, and I've been checking it out. I finally jumped on board in Season 3 and found the show quite entertaining, so I was excited to get the opportunity to see the show's beginnings.

This is really delightful. I'll admit, there are certain elements (performers, mainly) that don't work for me, but overall, I have to say, this is a sweet little show. The guy who plays the sheriff plays his part very well, and the character does a good job of embodying the audience's perspective. The plots are just close enough to believable tech to not set off my oh-come-on alarm, but are just wacky enough to be fun. All those goofy gadgets you wish existed get the chance to come alive via Global Dynamics' R&D division.

Characters/actors I could do without:
  • Stark - The character itself is necessary, but the actor is so DULL. He looks like he's sleepwalking.
  • Zoe - I want to hand the child a makeup removal cloth and tell her to scour her eyes. From what I remember of her in later episodes, her whiny typical teenage angst mellows out over time.
  • Taggart - Okay, WHO told Matt Frewer he could do an Australian accent? *shudder* I hope the character dies a heart-tugging, horrible death so I'll feel guilty for hating him so much.

I'm on the fence about Beverly. I LOVE Deborah Farentino thanks to Earth 2, and she's had her moments so far. But she's also coming off as rather plot-device-y. I'm interested to see how she makes her exit as well, since I know I didn't see her character OR Frewer's in Season 3.

So yes, I'm late to the party. I've seen the first 9 episodes, and I've been well-entertained so far. I'd love to hear about the show's beginnings. How did you feel about the first season? Did you love it right away, or did it grow on you?
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