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Re: Dark Avengers - Your thoughts

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And the aftereffects of Onslaught gave us one of Classic Marvel's BEST EVER new launch titles: Thunderbolts.
Heh. And it gave us Rob Liefeld's Captain America. And all of the other Heroes Reborn garbage.

Yes, there were a few good things in there. But look at comics as a WHOLE. The glossy hologram cover was just the tip of the iceberg. That was how they treated the insides as well. Remember death of Superman?
Single. Image. Per. Page. Remember Image? The guys who flat out stated "we don't need good stories, as long as the art is good!"

THAT was the 90's. That was the majority of it. Thunderbolts and X-Factor were the minority. When you look at all of the miniseries and new series that were started, how many were good? 10%?

If you remember the 90's fondly that's great, so do I. I have every issue of the clone sage and think Ben Reilly was a better character than Parker, he should have stayed the real one. But it's not tough to take a step back and see the garbage that was everywhere else.
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