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Re: Dark Avengers - Your thoughts

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Variant covers, super-duper holographic please buy me covers,
None of which have anything to do with CONTENT.

Onslaught, Heroes Reborn, Marvel vs. DC, Image "we don't need good writing to sell stories!", the clone saga...
X-Cutioner's Song. the "X-traitor" storyline (before they chickened out on the end of it). Fatal Attractions Operation Galactic Storm. The Gatherers Saga.

All good stories.

The Clone Saga started out just fine, they just took it too far. Onslaught in and of itself was a good idea, except that it stole the proper ending from the "X-traitor" storyline because of a marketing decision that Gambit and/or Rogue were too popular to be "turned evil".

And the aftereffects of Onslaught gave us one of Classic Marvel's BEST EVER new launch titles: Thunderbolts.

It's because of this that Marvel went bankrupt, you don't see comics at newsstands these days, and MANY (I've heard up to 2/3rds) comic shops had to close down.
Mavel's BUSINESS office made the decision to abandon newstands DURING the Bubble days to concentrate on servicing the direct market.

That has NOTHING to do with the content of the books. The huge "shrink" in comic stores was a result of the bubble burst brought about by the speculator frenzy, which had everything to do with the marketing gimmicks and NOTHING to do with the story matieral presented.
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