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Re: Dark Avengers - Your thoughts

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And the context in which I referred to sales, DD1, is that, while sales are on JQ's side, he is like a farmer who eats and sells all his seed corn instead of planting. These storylines, while spectacular in scope, may be difficult to sustain while keeping to Marvel's core essence. One obvious example of this is the wildly varying portrayal of Tony Stark within the books of CW, and I don't just mean JMS's Spider-Man.

I'm no fan of JQ; The erasure of Pete/MJ was something only the production staff wanted; the fans demonstrated that this was not their will, and we are the direct consumers. He and his did a bum's rush on the marriage, among other things. What happens when the fans brought in by all this settle in and feel the same sting we 'oldsters' did, when a decision goes completely against them? Given the pace the MU is going, I think that won't be long. Sometimes, a writer has to go 'there', fan-wise, but of late. 'sometimes' is always now.
I completely understand you point, I'm simply respectfully disagreeing with part of it. The Jemas/Quesada mandate from Marvel Entertainment was to increase sales. The numbers at best reflect a modest increase in SOME titles. Overall they remain relatively flat.

For every new reader that J/Q brought onboard with their "edgy" and "trendy" and "relevant" BS, they drove away at least one "old school" reader like me.

And they went out of their way to blame US for the sales drop (much the way RDM decries many TOS Galactica fans).

Nevermind that the bubble popped because of too many cardstock, foil embossed, multiple cover "special issues" that cost 25% more than the standard comic. No, they blamed the CONTENT of the stories, the writers etc.

They drew the wrong lesson from the bubble burst.
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