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Re: Star Trek: Sigils and Unions--The Thirteenth Order

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Iymender's not actually her boss even though he outranks both Sorabec and Gruner. (Though awkwardly, especially in Cardassian culture, both are older than he is.) I don't think Iymender's any older than 20 or so, and he works in a different section of the base. But having Sorabec on his side was critical, so he approached her and I guess eventually, she started to notice his good qualities. I don't think she's romantically interested in him, though (too young)--I think it's more that Sorabec found Iymender to be an endearing kid, kind of like a younger brother.

As for Gruner...he's just...ew. Thinks he's all that, but he's really just full of it on a lot of levels. I'll be honest...I'm having a hard time figuring out how you missed the crudeness of his behavior or might have thought Sorabec was anything but repulsed by it. And I would like to know if anybody else reading this found the situation confusing or unconvincing.
You know opposites attract? I had a small thought that although Sorebec didn't care for it, it was like..setting up some kind of attraction there down the line...

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