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Re: Dark Avengers - Your thoughts

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Because they were BETTER COMICS.
Well, let's not get crazy. I'm no fan of what they're doing these days, for the most part, but the '90s was a decade of mostly ass, where superhero comics were concerned. Of the three decades that I've been reading them, it was easily the worst, particularly for Marvel. There were some bright spots, just as they are now, but the bar was pretty low.
I disagree completely.

X-Men V2, Excalibur, PAD's X-Factor, all superlative works. Strong showings from Avengers and Iron Man. Outstanding "secondary" books like New Warriors (Vol1) and Nova (Vol2). The only thing that hurt the Spider books was the overuse of the Clone Saga. If it had been limited to just Ben/Peter being the clone, it would have been a great way to allow BOTH the Peter/MJ and Peter solo fans what they wanted. They just couldn't stop themselves from introducing a host of secondary clones and taking it too far.
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