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Re: If You Could Re-Imagine the Constitution-Class Refit...

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It's garnered enough of a negative backlash that no model company is ponying up to produce a model kit of the thing. I'll take that as a better indicator of fan reaction than any online poll.
To be fair, I have yet to see much more than the usual Playmates/AA stuff that gets put out every so rush to merchandise the film PERIOD, not just the ship.
Yeah, as much as I dislike the design "improvements," the idea that there's no model planned may only reflect the pathetic state of the model-kit industry these days.

It's sad, really... every time a company comes along and makes cool, popular stuff, they end up going out of business or being purchased by someone else who doesn't put any value on what they do....

... or they only sell their stuff in Japan and Europe, but due to licensing issues can't sell them directly in the US market (see the German "Revenge of the Sith" kits).

Some seriously goofy decisions.

Polar Lights' kits did very well... because (1) they were something NEW (not just a repackaging of something old), (2) were of POPULAR subjects (not something obscure and uninteresting... well, except for the Scorpion), and (3) were high-quality.

At least the most recent purchaser of that property recognizes what they've got, it seems.

The issue with the new film? It's got NEW stuff, and they may well be able to make high-quality stuff. But will it be a popular subject? We don't know... I doubt it, personally, but I'm not cocky enough to say with absolute certainty that it won't turn out that way.

There's also the whole issue of "how long does it take to make a model?" It's not a 1-week turn-around, after all... so it may well be that nobody at the kit manufacturers had even seen the design 'til a few weeks ago (security, all that). And the kit might be in-the-works, but not yet announced, right now.

Possible? Sure...

But I can safely say I, personally, won't be buying a copy if it is.
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