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Re: Dark Avengers - Your thoughts

Well sometimes the dominant party needs to be brought low to be brought back up again. The 'bad guys' got their day, now are they going to swing or hang? Will the other traditional heroes redeem themselves somehow in a big way that doesn't include them simply finding some plot and going "Ah ha! See we told you they were bad. Nyah nyah! We're heroes again!"

I think what really needs to happen, Post Dark Reign is the established heroes need to prove why they can do a better job. And I would really really like to see a storyline that may be unified, but at the same time, allows each title to shine on their own. Show the Avengers at their best. Spider-Man at his best, X-Men at their best. See Iron Man redeem himself. I wish they would have gotten Tony back to his post Heroes Return self. Where he really was a nice, charming, guy. Wasn't the dick he turned into. I'm excited to see Mockingbird and Hawkeye/Ronin back together, always sort of liked that aspect of him, that he was married and fought alongside his non powered wife.

Kinda why I wished that Jackpot really WAS MJ, and it would make MJ the new 'Black Cat' in that Spidey has a girl that's also a hero. Makes sense some of the male and female heroes would eventually link up. Another reason why the death of Jan bugs me.
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