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Re: Dark Avengers - Your thoughts

I'm amazed that the JoeQ is STILL EIC of Marvel. I think he's done far more damage to the MU than Bob Haras ever did, and Haras did that goofy 'Only titles within each 'family' can interact with each other' mandate. Which seperated the Spider-Man titles, the X-Men, the Midnight Sons, Avengers etc. Seems like JoeQ is the polar opposite, he wants everything meshed in, which is really only helping the TPB market and not the single issues. At least with the TPBs you can pick up most of the story in one volume and when you want to.

I really miss the days when nearly every grocery store, drug store and discount store had a spinner rack of comic books and every week there would be new issues so it made it easy to stay on top of most storylines since you could get the current week's chapter as well as the last week's or so.

What's weird is, I bought the issue that Harry died in at a Wal-Mart or Target, and I remember thinking how shocking it was that they actually killed off Harry, not just having him go back to the Asylum or maybe actually becoming an ally, now that he's back... its just weird... for almost a decade of him being dead in the comics. He was one of the few comic book deaths that stuck. Heck even Bucky came back - although HE I don't mind being back. I'm glad that at least if we lost Steve Rogers, we regained Bucky Barnes.

Kinda wonder how new Cap will work out in the long run, I'm hoping he does really. It'll be the first time in a while that the original hero was replaced by someone new. Usually they just ret-con their age or something. Heck even Cap being from WW2 will eventually be like 'Nam or Korea or Desert Storm eventually since WW2 will be so long ago.

I'm shocked Normie didn't tap the Red Skull for his Dark Illuminati, unless he feels the Skull is too bad even for him.

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