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ALIENS/STAR TREK crossover story in the works. Coming soon, hopefully.

The stories I have in mind are entitled:

Carter J. Burke: HERO of the FEDERATION


Carter J. Burke: SAVIOUR of the FEDERATION

These stories are virtually identical to each other.

The story(ies) takes place in a tad alternate timeline* where the UFP is suffering major defeat by their worst adversary(ies) & a year or 2 from total collapse.

The 24th Century. The TNG/DS9/V'Ger Era.

Story(ies) ignore(s) alien 3, Rez & those AvP flicks. It has to in order to work.

Being Fiorina 161 was such a beautiful planet & system, that may show up. See, I liked alien 3's setting & environment, but not it's story.

Don't rush to any conclusions about these stories based on the titles. When these stories are finally put up, you'll see & understand why they have Weyland-Yutani's Numero Uno smug sleazeball's name made so prominently.

If I could I'd make this fanfic as a fan film, either a cartoon or in Rankin-Bass style.

*Or in a slightly different parallel universe. What's the difference between parallel universes & alternate timelines anyway? Semantics? They seem like the same thing to me.

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